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2419→124枚から。選んでいて超楽しい:) 幸せだー
FlickrPhoto Cute penguin shot
FlickrPhoto curiosity
FlickrPhoto once upon a time...
FlickrPhoto Winter seagull at Lighthouse Beach- Chatham, MA
FlickrPhoto Visions of Autumn
FlickrPhoto Passing By
FlickrPhoto IC City
FlickrPhoto Olhos verdes


FlickrPhoto Salt & Pepper
FlickrPhoto Wonderful Waterhouse
FlickrPhoto Thursday's Sunset
FlickrPhoto Aerial view
FlickrPhoto _Cachoeira da Gruta_
FlickrPhoto reflection
FlickrPhoto Blue Crater
FlickrPhoto great blue heron
FlickrPhoto The same day, the same beach, the same sunset... Another color!
FlickrPhoto What lies ahead?
FlickrPhoto Sparkling Silhouette


FlickrPhoto In snow
FlickrPhoto so I decided to paint a mural above my four poster bed (just kidding)
FlickrPhoto Birmingham BullRing - Shiny in dark places
FlickrPhoto water slide
FlickrPhoto Back in Time
FlickrPhoto 10.2006 Shaman's blues
FlickrPhoto Grand Teton
FlickrPhoto Fixed take 2: Tisheep
FlickrPhoto smokin12
FlickrPhoto Cristo Redentor do Rio de Janeiro and Notre Dame de Paris
FlickrPhoto Iona Sunset
FlickrPhoto Coils within coils
FlickrPhoto bright ducks
FlickrPhoto Arrogant tulip's!
FlickrPhoto O)))
FlickrPhoto Seduction
FlickrPhoto delicate arch at sunset
FlickrPhoto Norman cathedral, Cefalu, Sicily.
FlickrPhoto do androids dream of electric sheeps?
FlickrPhoto I shall depart - II
FlickrPhoto Who's a Pretty Bird?
FlickrPhoto A cal y canto

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